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We are also known as a "property management firm" but with a slight twist.

Instead of managing real estate, we manage virtual assets on the Internet or in other words, websites. Yes, those "www" dotcom things.

Not just any websites though.

We own, manage and operate valuable, income generating websites for our clients from all around the world.

Our websites are fully SEO optimized and are already on the first page of Google search for the relevant keywords.

We are in the business of leasing out these highly valuable, income generating websites to clients who are looking for real local customers. Currently we cater to the North American and Canadian markets.

All the hard work is already done. Just plug-in in your business details and contact information into our websites and you will quickly get local search traffic to your business. Our websites are laid out with one thing in mind – to generate leads to your business! We want to bring real local customers to your doorstep, as simple as that.


How It's Done

We are actually a digital media publishing firm. Our websites are already indexed in the major search engines and optimized for highly searched words and phrases that real local customers are using to find these businesses. They rank at the top of the search engine listings of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

With over 93% of people using search engines as their first point of research, it goes without saying that search engine optimization (SEO) is a very important tool for any business owner who is concerned about quality lead generation. An estimated 75 % of all online business searches are locally related and the numbers are growing.

We specialize in producing SEO optimized websites which rank high on the first page of Google search for the relevant keywords. But the way we do it is a bit different.

Instead of coming up with a website complete with a shopping/ecommerce cart and payment links (which are definitely expensive to set up), we concentrate more on producing a business website where local customers in your area can simply pick up the phone and call you up directly for your services or products. This is our main aim.


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